After nearly 30 years of faithful service, John Crosby will step down as CPC’s Senior Pastor. We are deeply grateful for the countless ways John and Laura have impacted our lives. As we grieve and celebrate together, we’re trusting God’s invitation into a sacred future for CPC and for the Crosbys.

A Letter from John Crosby to the Congregation

A Letter from Session

A Video Message from John Crosby

Transition FAQ

Are we hiring a new Senior Pastor right away?

No, there will be an expected period of 12-24 months where we will have an interim executive leader in place who is not a current staff member. We have been strongly advised that “short periods between pastors often lead to short-term pastors.” We want to allow for healthy space after John and Laura’s transition to process and move forward, and an interim offers a neutral period to adjust to the reality of change. We also want to create opportunities for existing staff and members to step up. We expect to have a search team for this interim position formed by August 1, and we will inform you of who this team is. We hope to have an interim leader start as soon as possible after John’s departure.

Do you know who the next Senior Pastor is?

No—but we trust God does! To be direct, there is no one on staff who has been implicitly or explicitly led to believe they are our next Senior Pastor. We plan to do an extensive national search. Existing CPC staff are welcome to apply and be considered, based on their own interest.

When will we have a new Senior Pastor?

As mentioned above, we anticipate an interim leader will be in place for 12-24 months, but the work of searching for the new Senior Pastor will happen concurrently. As soon as the interim leader begins in 2019, the Session will nominate a Senior Pastor Search Committee, which will be presented to the congregation for approval.

What’s next for the Crosbys?

As John says, he will remain an active Senior Pastor until January, at which point he and Laura expect to spend several months out of state for rest and discernment. In the interests of a smooth transition for all, we do expect John will stay connected to CPC in some form of an emeritus role. For instance, there are some international trips scheduled for 2019 that John has already committed to participate in on behalf of CPC, as well as select times in the coming year when we know CPC will benefit from John’s relationships or historical knowledge. This is often common practice for departing senior pastors, including Roger Anderson at the time he left CPC. Still, John and Laura have told us they don’t expect to make CPC their home church until after a new Senior Pastor is solidly in place—and still only in deference to the new leader’s comfort level. They are committed to extending the same kind of space and support Roger and Dottie Anderson extended to them.

Will the new pastor be a part of our ECO denomination?

One of our goals for joining ECO was to give CPC the best possible search process for a new senior pastor. In ECO, we are allowed to nominate and approve our own search committee. Additionally, we can seek national candidates from any denomination or background so long as there is theological congruence. A non-ECO candidate would be asked to transfer ordination to ECO and affirm ECO’s Essential Tenets.  

Who is in charge of the transition plan and what can we expect?

The succession plan that was approved by the elders last January will now be activated. The plan calls for a transition chair to form a Lead Transition Team. The elders chose Becky Walker to fill this role and she has graciously agreed to chair the team. Becky will organize six additional transition teams which include: Prayer, Communication, Finance, Farewell/Celebration, Staff Care, and Assimilation.

How can I ask more questions or express a concern?

Please email and an elder will follow up with you.