FAQ for Special Meeting of the Congregation, September 13, 2020

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Do I need to register for the virtual congregational meeting?

Not exactly. You do not need to be pre-registered, but you do need to have an active individual email address on file with CPC to which your personalized meeting link may be sent. If more than one member is associated with an email account, only one member may join and vote using the link sent to that email address. If you have not provided an active individual email address to CPC, you must do so no later than seventy-two (72) hours in advance of the scheduled meeting time in order to participate.

If you are unsure whether there is an active individual email account on file for you at CPC, please reach out to clarea@cpconline.org to confirm.

Do I have to be a member to participate?

Only members are permitted to join the meeting and cast a vote. However, others wishing to observe the proceedings may watch the meeting via Livestream.

What app or platform will be used for the meeting?

We will be using Zoom for the congregational meeting and are excited that so many members, Small Groups, Sunday Communities and other groups at CPC have used Zoom in the past several months.  

Can everyone in my family who are members vote on one device?

No.  Each member can vote, but each member will need to log in individually on a separate device; only one vote can be cast per device.  Each member will receive the Zoom link to join the meeting at the email address on file with CPC for that member. *Only one vote may be cast per email account.* On the day of the meeting, each member will need to log in on their own device using the individualized link sent to that member’s individual email address.

Can I mail my vote to the church?

No. The Bylaws of Christ Presbyterian Church explicitly exclude voting by mail-in ballot or by proxy. Each member will need their own credentials for the virtual congregational meeting on Zoom.

Will voting be anonymous?

Yes. The Zoom platform permits anonymous voting and this function will be used for the congregational vote.

Will I be able to ask questions during the meeting?

Yes. You will be able to ask questions during the meeting. Please review the meeting Rules for more details.  

How do I use Zoom?
I have attended the church as a regular attender for years, but I've never become a member. Can I vote?

Unfortunately, no. You must be a member of the church to cast a vote. This is a requirement of CPC’s bylaws as well as ECO, our denomination. We hope you will consider joining CPC as a member so that you may fully participate in church decision-making. To learn more about becoming a member of CPC, please email connections@cpconline.org.

I live in a congregate living facility; can my friends and I attend the congregational meeting together online?

You may be able to observe the meeting as a group using one device, but individual credentials are needed to participate and cast a vote. In order to vote, you must be a member of CPC and log into the Zoom meeting with your own credentials. 

Can I join and vote in the congregational meting even though I am not in town on September 13?

Yes. All members of CPC may attend the meeting virtually, even if they are out of town.

I have a family member or friend who is a member of CPC but does not have an internet connection or a computer to use. How can he/she attend the virtual meeting?

We understand the limitations that some of our members have. We are hopeful that families can explore lending a smartphone to a family member or friend who does not have an internet connection so they may participate in the meeting. CPC’s Congregational Care Ministry Team will also come alongside seniors who have access to a smartphone or computer and need assistance getting connected. Please call (952.920.8515 ext. 246) or email (care@cpconline.org) as soon as possible for support.

What are CPC's bylaws?

Read the Bylaws of Christ Presbyterian Church of Edina.

Of particular relevance for this meeting are Section 1.04 & Section 1.06.