Racial Justice Resources

This year, in our own community, we have come face-to-face with racial challenges and inequities that have been long been dismissed or ignored. As followers of Jesus, we must ask ourselves, “How are we going to respond to the challenges and injustices of our time?” Our sermon series, "Biblical Truths in a Racialized World," will dig deeply into God’s call for racial justice. The resources on this page are meant to accompanying these Sunday messages and help you in your journey. All books can be purchased through the bookstore at CPC.

Next Steps

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Week 1: Beautiful Community
Week 2: God of Justice and Mercy


The Deeply Formed Life by Rich Villodas

The Justice Calling by Bethany Hoang and Kristen Deede Johnson


Grace, Justice, and Mercy: An Evening with Tim Keller and Bryan Stevenson

Week 3: Systemic and Individual Redemption
Week 4: Beyond Our Comfort Zones


Be the Bridge by LaTasha Morrison

“Racial Reconciliation Requires a Painful Level of Self Awareness” by Rich Villodas


ECO 2019 National Gathering keynote from Albert Tate:

Watch the recordings from a three-part series of virtual conversations with Pastor Laurel Bunker of Bethel University: 

SESSION 1: Sitting with Discomfort

SESSION 2: The Mission of the Church and racial justice

SESSION 3: Pursuing proximity and solidarity as white Christians

Week 5: Deep Commitment

Read the Letter from CPC Elders