Dig into our six-week Lenten Bible study written by CPC pastors Emily Hamilton and James Madsen, with reflections from our global partners. When we receive God’s grace, it goes deep within us to help us see our sin, repent, and exercise faith, which leads us to joy. Then as we experience God’s grace for ourselves, God’s grace also goes in another direction, leading us outward to see opportunities to love and serve beyond ourselves. This Lent we want to invite you to reconnect with how God's grace is always going somewhere—both toward you to draw you into relationship with Him and out through you to show others His love. Pick up your copy of this study in the Great Room or access it online with the button below.

God's Grace Is Always Going Lenten Study Guide


Use the God's Grace video in conjunction with page 1.

Use the Circles video in conjunction with lesson 3 on pages 12 and 13.