Leadership at CPC is composed of our pastors, staff leaders, and elected elders.

Transition Update

Pastoral Staff


mailto:peteyc@cpconline.orgPetey Crowder, Executive Pastor

Petey always enjoys meeting and getting to know new CPCers. He loves to read, run, spend time outside, and explore new places: He’s done ministry in four states over the last 12 years! Petey and Ashley have two young daughters.

Petey holds a master’s in ministry leadership from George Fox and is earning a D. Min. in contextual theology from Northern. He joined staff in 2017.

mailto: emilyh@cpconline.orgEmily Hamilton, Pastor of Missions

Emily is adusting to being back in the States after spending two and half years in Congo doing missions work. A Louisiana native, Emily loves cooking (and eating) gumbo, jambalaya, and étouffée and traveling with her husband, Kyle.

Emily earned her M. Div from Duke and joined staff in 2018.


Jake Kirchner, Pastor of Connections

You’re likely to find Jake in the Great Room, coffee in hand, making others feel welcome. Jake loves working on various creative projects—even when they don’t turn out like on Pinterest. He and Angela have three young kids.

Jake holds a master’s degree in missional church movements from Wheaton College. He came on staff in 2016.


James Madsen, Pastor of Discipleship

In any conversation with James, you’ll hear him champion the grace of Jesus. His happy place is the family cabin up in Canada, with a fishing rod and no cell phone coverage. James and Anna have three sons.

James has been at CPC since 2008; he holds an M. Div from Bethel and master’s degree in counseling from Trinity.


Debbie Manning, Pastor of Congregational Care

Debbie’s laugh is contagious—along with her deep love and commitment to the CPC community. She counts it a privilege to share in the joys and hardships of life as part of the Congregational Care team. She and Steve have three adult children and one grandson.

Debbie holds an M. Div from Bethel and has been on staff since 1999.


mailto:jodyp@cpconline.orgJody Phenow, Pastor of Congregational Care & Senior Adults

If you’ve had a conversation with Jody, you’ve experienced the sweetness of God’s love. When she’s not using Rich as a children’s sermon illustration, you’ll find Jody outside in nature, preferably at the cabin. She and Rich have three grown kids and a grandson.

Jody has an M. Div from Fuller and first joined staff in 1987.


Rich Phenow, Senior Associate Pastor of Congregational Care

You’ll notice Rich’s beard; you’ll remember Rich’s heart, which beats in a special way for seniors, the grieving, and those with special needs. He shows his secret skills over a soup pot and behind the grill. Rich and Jody have three grown kids and a grandson.

Rich Phenow has a master’s degree in counseling and M. Div from Fuller and has been on staff since 1987.


Melissa Schaser, Pastor of Congregational Care, Lay Empowerment

If there’s anything Melissa loves more than caring for people, it’s empowering others to care for one another. She makes her own pasta and reads Scripture with her husband, Nick, in the original Hebrew and Greek. Melissa and Nick welcomed a daughter to their family in January.

Melissa earned an M. Div from Vanderbilt and joined staff in 2016.

Staff Leadership


Mara Amiot, Executive Director

To be a well-oiled machine, every organization needs someone who loves processes and systems, and those are practically Mara’s spiritual gifts! She and her husband, Lee, like to spend time outside.

Mara holds a master’s degree from St. Thomas and came on staff in 2016.


mailto: carrieg@cpconline.orgCarrie Gleeson, Director of Student Ministries

Carrie grew up at CPC and is fluent in “teenager.” She’s passionate about students and worked with Youth for Christ in Nebraska before returning to Minnesota. Carrie wishes she could be British royalty and is a diehard Husker fan.

Carrie joined staff in 2012 and earned her master’s in Global Leadership from Fuller.


Heather Hood, Director of Traditional Worship & Music

Ever notice how the music or call to worship pairs thematically with the weekend sermon? It’s no accident, thanks to Heather’s careful planning. Outside of CPC you’ll find Heather singing with the Minnesota Chorale, teaching at the University of Northwestern-St. Paul, or taking in a movie, show, or concert with friends.

Heather has been on staff since 1985; she holds a doctorate from the Robert E. Webber Institute for Worship Studies.


Sarah Long, Director of Communication

If you’ve ever wondered how to use a semicolon correctly, Sarah’s the person you need to know. Prior to CPC, Sarah worked in publishing, editing more than 200 books. Sarah and Dave have three daughters, and you can usually find them outdoors or eating ice cream—or both.

Sarah has been on staff since 2013.


Kathleen Selje, Director of Kids’ Ministries

Get to know Kathleen by joining in her favorite pastime: twalking (talking + walking), preferably around a lake! She worked with the Navigators for over twenty years. Kathleen and Chad have three teenagers.

Kathleen has been on staff since 2016.


Class of 2019: Margo Arens • Annalise Butler • Jay Carroll • Allen Pofahl
Class of 2020: Robbie Fast • Michelle Kranendonk • Mike Tamte • Seth Warren
Class of 2021: Jeff Dykstra • Dawn Locklear • Scott J. Peterson • Becky Walker
Class of 2022: Tim Dulas • Susan Gallagher • Meghann Kantke • Bill Ringham

At Christ Presbyterian Church our elders:

• are called to serve as spiritual leaders who seek to model in day-to-day life what it means to follow Jesus and to love and serve others.

• work to be stewards and guardians of CPC’s mission and vision in partnership with the Senior Pastor and Lead Team. Elders approve priorities and plans to fulfill CPC’s mission and vision. The Senior Pastor and Lead Team are responsible for implementing those plans.

• ensure faithful stewardship of the financial resources entrusted to CPC.

• develop, encourage, and hold accountable the Senior Pastor and staff.