Choir • 5:30-6:15PM • K-5th Grades

All Choirs start on September 11!

Do your kids love to sing?  It's not too late! Have them join the fun in one of the two choirs:  K-1st grade or 2nd-5th grade.  Kids in choir will participate in several worship services throughout the fall and winter. Note: Choir kids registered for Club will be guided to pre-Club activities. Be sure to check the screens around the building for pick-up locations at 7:30PM.

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Choir Rehearsal Rooms 

Grades K-1: Room 20 • Grades 2-5: Choir Room
(Drop-off and Pick-up)

Become a Choir Parent Helper

We could use your help on Wednesday nights in our Kids’ Choir rehearsals as a Choir Parent Helper, to assist kids with bathroom runs, distributing music, attention and focus, and general positive attitudes and encouraging spirits.


K-1st Grade Singing Dates

Wednesday, December 18 • 6:00PM (part of the Family Christmas event)

Additional Date: TBD

2nd-5th Grade Singing Dates

Saturday, October 12 • 5:15PM & Sunday, October 13 • 11:00AM

Sunday, November 10 • 9:30AM

Sunday, December 8 • 9:30AM

NEW THIS YEAR! The Grades 2-5 Choir will be wearing CPC Kids’ Choir t-shirts each time they sing. Those t-shirts will be distributed before the first singing date in October.


Saturday, March 14 (5:15PM) & Sunday, March 15 (9:30 & 11:00AM)

Choir Leaders

K-1 Choir: Heather Hood

Grades 2-5 Choir: Shandra ProwellAbby Berry

Choir Parent Helpers: Patti Kratzer

Accompanist: Jane Nienaber