When you invest financially in CPC, you are empowering us to invite others to know the love of Jesus and to serve our community near and far. Every other month, we send an email to our giving partners highlighting a few of the tangible ways their financial generosity has made an impact on the ministry of CPC. Below is a snapshot of how your dollars can fuel the ministry of our church. 

Become a Giving Partner


Your giving enables us to come alongside those in need and grieving, tangibly caring for them in the midst of their loss. CPC staff and pastors planned and officiated fourteen memorial services last summer, showing God’s love as they served and comforted families.


Our CPC discipleship team has met one-on-one with leaders of 48 CPC small groups so far this ministry year. Your financial gifts empower our pastors and staff to spend this time intentionally encouraging, mentoring, and supporting our lay leaders.


Each year preschoolers and first graders experience a marking moment: receiving Bibles to help them on their journey of knowing Jesus. Your giving covered the $1,135 cost of these Bibles, enabling us to give them as gifts to 40 first graders and 40 three-year-olds.


Contributions to our Crisis Relief Fund help CPC respond promptly to crises around the world, living out our value of world awareness. Last year we donated $15,000 to Hurricane Florence relief in North Carolina and $25,000 to Sulawesi Tsunami and Earthquake relief in Indonesia. This year we donated $15,000 to Ebola response in the Democratic Republic of Congo, $10,000 toward Cyclone Idai response in Mozambique, and $10,000 toward relief for flooding in Nebraska and the midwest. We make our donations to mission partners who are positioned to help these communities in their time of need.



A church building can’t function if the electric bill isn’t paid, and our bill averages $6,600 a month! From Mom’s Morning to BSF, Wednesday Night programming to AA, your giving makes it possible for our building to be used nearly 24/7.


The Blue Wall

Your giving enables us to create a space to increase and deepen congregational and newcomer engagement. On weekends, the Blue Wall is staffed with people to answer questions and make connections. The Welcome Brochure is available 24/7 and gives an overview of our values, vision, worship services, and program offerings. 


Last September we lived out our vision statement and boldly extended an invitation to our neighbors and yours to our Savor Summer Block Party. Your giving helped us be generous hosts to our community and guests by offering free beverages, ice cream, and entertainment. 


Relational Hours

Your giving enables us to come alongside teens and be present at games and choir concerts, engage in text conversations and coffee dates, and respond to unexpected circumstances in students’ lives. Student ministries staff spend an average of 307 hours a month (not counting programming on Wednesday nights) relating on “students’ own turf”!


Student Bible Studies

In 2017, we started a Bible study for high school girls (at 7:00AM on Friday mornings!) to help build Christ-centered confidence into our teenage girls. During Lent in 2019, about 30 girls attended the study, and we also started a study for high school boys. Your giving allows us to nourish these young people by providing study resources, bagels and coffee, and a staff member to lead them.



People who participate in worship through Livestream do so for a variety of reasons, including being away at college, poor health, winter road conditions, and vacations. There is even a senior community at Vernon Terrace who gather together to watch each week! Your giving enables us to provide this service, which is streamed on an average of 334 computers a week.


Worship Prep Hours

From planning meetings to rehearsing music, putting candles in holders, filming and editing our Christmas pageant, decorating the Sanctuary, preparing the bulletin, and more, our staff and volunteers put a lot of hard at work into preparing for our six Christmas Eve services. Your giving allows us to create meaningful worship experiences that enable our community and visitors to encounter Jesus.