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Summit MN

When: August 4 - 6

Introducing: Summit MN for all incoming 10th-12th graders! We are excited about these opportunities to have fun, connect, and grow together on August 4-6. We would love to see you at any/all of these three events! 

Worship & Movie Night • August 4

7:30-10:00PM • CPC Parking Lot
We’ll gather outside for singing and speakers, followed by a fun drive-in movie experience. More details coming soon; no registration required.

Road Rally • August 5

2:00-6:00PM • Meet at CPC • Cost: $40; includes a T-shirt
The first-ever Summit Road Rally day! We will meet at CPC, disperse into teams, and head to a small town less than an hour away. There will be twist and turns, riddles to solve, and miles to clock. Get the most points and be the first-ever Summit Road Rally winners! You won’t want to miss this!

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Worship & Surprise Night • August 6

7:30-9:30PM • CPC Parking Lot
This night will be full of memory-making moments, but we don’t want to ruin the surprise! Join us for singing, speakers, and a surprise ending you won’t see coming! No registration required.