• This event has passed.

Ramadan Feast

When: May 7 at 7:15PM - 10:00PM
Where: South Metro Islamic Center: 15400 South Robert Trail, Rosemount, MN

Experience an event that will open eyes and hearts in new ways. The purpose of this event is to bring faith communities together for food and conversation—it is not an academic discussion or theological debate, but simply an opportunity to get to know our Muslim neighbors.  Following a presentation on Islam and the breaking of the fast, participants will have the opportunity to observe Muslim prayer and share in the evening Iftar meal and conversation. Adults only, please.

Join  other CPCers and our friends at the Center to learn and break bread together. This is a free event. Seating is limited!



Special Notes:

  • Please dress modestly. Both men and women should wear clothing that covers their shoulders, upper arms, and knees. Women who want to enter the prayer space to observe prayer should bring a scarf to cover their hair.
  • You are welcome to enter the prayer space to observe the sunset (maghrib) prayer, but please remove your shoes first. There will be racks for your shoes. There are sometimes separate entrances for men and women. Please do not walk in front of anyone who is praying, but stand or sit quietly in the back until the prayer is completed (about ten minutes).