Joy of Giving

When: December 13 - 24
Help launch Urban Ventures’ Early Learning Center with Family Welcome Kits!
  1. Choose an age group for a welcome kit (infant, toddler, or preschool). 
  2. Shop for your items using the list and inspiration links below—feel free to do this as an individual, family, or small group!
  3. Pack items (except diapers) in a cardboard box. Items do not need to be gift wrapped. Shoeboxes work fine. Max dimensions 12x9x9. Close the box but do not fully seal.
  4. Write the relevant age group on the side of your box.
  5. Pray for the family that will receive the box!
  6. Drop off your packaged, unsealed kit at CPC in the Great Room, Commons, or North Entrance anytime during business hours or during services between December 13-24.
Shopping List & Inspiration

Choose an age group for a welcome kit. Links below are for inspiration! Make sure your items:

Christmas Offering

Each year, CPC’s Christmas offering is sent out our doors to one of our local mission partners. Every dollar of this year’s Christmas offering will go to support Urban Ventures in the launch of the new Cornwell Early Learning Center. Fueled by the conviction that education is the brightest hope for breaking the cycle of generational poverty, Urban Ventures has created a holistic cradle-to-career pipeline of support for kids and their families. And a vital first step in that is ensuring kids get the quality education they need in the crucial early years.

Urban Ventures has identified that only one in five kids in their community is kindergarten ready—they’re behind even before they start. The Early Learning Center is a critical intervention that will meet kids in the crucial early years, providing 80 preschoolers each year with quality early learning experiences and parental support to make sure they enter school ready to succeed.

Give to Christmas Offering