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When: May 30 at 9:00AM - 6:30PM
Where: Guthrie Theater
Cost: $12 per person (tour & transportation). Group lunch follows; pay for your own lunch

Horizons is an inviting community embracing active retirement-age people, singles, and couples, experiencing and sharing the good we see all around us.

Hop on the CPC vans as we go downtown to enjoy a backstage tour of the Guthrie’s signature main stages, their world-class scene and costume shops and more.  The Architecture part of the tour will take us to the foundation of the Guthrie’s groundbreaking facility, covering everything from design to build plans to neighborhood inspirations. (The whole tour is 75 minutes long. There are elevators and walkers are welcome.) We’ll meet in the Great Room to depart at 9:00AM and return after lunch. 

Questions: Christine Schultze