Congregational Meeting

When: August 9 at 7:45PM
Where: CPC Parking Lot

Christ Presbyterian Church will be holding an important Congregational Meeting after the conclusion of our Sunday Outdoor Worship service on August 9 at 7:00PM (meeting to start at approximately 7:45PM). MEMBERS: we need you to attend! (RSVP here.A quorum of 400 members is necessary for these decisions to be authorized, preparing us for whatever our circumstances will be for meeting as a congregation in future months. If we cannot complete these actions now, CPC’s ability to make important future decisions in the midst of the pandemic is jeopardized. Our outdoor worship service allows us the place and means to hold a Congregational Meeting; our current bylaws mandate that the meeting be held in person. You can listen on our FM frequency (87.9) and participate in your car, if preferred. This meeting will have two crucial purposes:

  1. Congregational approval to formally change our bylaws to allow for future Congregational Meetings to occur remotely (see the proposed change). Session desires to make this change for the following reasons:
    • Remote meetings give CPC the flexibility to conduct essential church business during the unprecedented and changing circumstances the COVID-19 pandemic has presented
    • Remote meetings also allow for increased access and participation of our congregation, especially those uncomfortable meeting in person or who have compromised health or risk factors
    • If needed, this change allows us to do a congregational vote remotely for approval of a new senior pastor
  2. Congregational approval of new Elders and Deacons (which has been delayed since May, due to the pandemic and bylaw requirements).

With congregational approval, we will have the flexibility to meet either in person or remotely as we navigate what the future months of the pandemic look like. MEMBERS: please click the button below to RSVP and help us reach our needed quorum. Thank you!