Whether you are celebrating a baptism, wedding, or someone’s life at a memorial, CPC wants to partner with you to make your day memorable and Christ-centered.


CPC conducts both infant baptisms and baptisms following confession of faith. The emphasis placed on each sacrament is slightly different.


In infant baptism, the focus is on the fact that God pursues us before we are able to respond. It communicates that, even while we are infants, God is pursuing a relationship with us. He knows us before we are even able to respond to Him and acknowledge Him.

We believe that parents are the primary spiritual teachers to their children. When the parents bring their child for baptism, they are affirming their faith in Christ and publicly committing to raise their child in the Christian faith. The baptism isn’t about the child’s salvation or a rubber stamp to get the child right with God. The children will eventually need to respond to the God who is pursuing them. The child will need to make that decision later—on his or her own—but the parents are committing to create an environment where that decision can be made clearly and definitively.

Finally, infant baptism is a commitment of the congregation to help the parents raise and nurture this child in the fear and admonishment of the Lord. The congregation acknowledges that the parents are the primary spiritual teachers, but they can expect the help and support of the entire congregation to raise the child to recognize Jesus Christ as Lord.

It is advisable to plan your baptism ahead of time, as our numbers at each service are limited and can easily fill up quickly. We also ask that you are a member of CPC.

Contact: Tammy Mitchell


In baptism following confession of faith, an individual publicly confesses his or her faith in Jesus Christ and commits to live a Christian life. Baptism is a sacrament that publicly unites us with Jesus Christ and signifies our membership in God’s family, the Church.

Most believer baptisms at CPC are done after completion of CPC’s membership process or Commitment Class for 9th graders.

Contact: Deb Carlson


CPC Wedding Guide

Marriage preparation is intended to provide engaged couples with tools to build a strong relationship for all of the years of their marriage, rather than focusing solely upon the wedding ceremony. To fulfill the high calling of loving and serving the Lord within the context of marriage, we rely upon the support, counsel, and prayers of our Christian community.


  • Membership at Christ Presbyterian Church. Either the bride, groom, or a parent/grandparent of the bride or groom must be a CPC member. If not, the bride and groom must go through the membership process. ContactCathy Wood
  • An initial meeting with the CPC pastor who will perform your ceremony.
  • Professional pre-marriage counseling ($350).
  • A Marriage Mentors evening where you will meet other engaged couples and be paired with a mentor couple who will commit to upholding your marriage in prayer.
  • A Premarital Finance Seminar ($25) where you will explore the role of money and financial planning within the context of Christian marriage.
  • Meeting with a Wedding Consultant to plan the logistics of your rehearsal and ceremony.
  • Meeting with musicians to plan your music.


Sanctuary: seating for approximately 1,000 people
Chapel: seating for up to 100 guests

  • The marriage ceremony is a sacred worship service, which should be approached with reverence. Please keep this in mind as you make your plans.
  • Due to the 5:15PM service on Saturday evenings, Saturday weddings may only be scheduled until 2:00PM. Photography of 2:00PM weddings must be completed before the ceremony.
  • Weddings can also be scheduled on Fridays.
  • Please note that your selected date may not be available. Weddings are generally not scheduled in the Sanctuary on holiday weekends, the month of December, Holy Week, or Children’s Musical (March) or Commitment Class (May) weekends.
  • You should advise the pastor if you are requesting participation by another minister.
  • Your wedding date will not be finalized on the church scheduling calendar until you have confirmed the date and time with the pastor at your initial meeting.

Contact: Life Events Coordinator

Memorial Services

Celebrate the life of a loved one. Learn about memorial services at CPC.