Whether you are celebrating a baptism, wedding, or someone’s life at a memorial, CPC wants to partner with you to make your day memorable and Christ-centered.

If the family has opted to livestream their loved one's memorial service, you can find it on our livestream page. 



Baptism is the church’s proclamation and experience that we are who we are because God has first chosen us, loved us, and called us into His kingdom.

We see baptism as a sign and symbol of God’s grace toward us in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, an act that publicly unites us to His body, the church. 


CPC practices infant baptisms for members of CPC as well as baptisms for adults and kids following a confession of faith.


We baptize infants of believing parents who are members of CPC, as a way of including the children of Christian families in God’s family. 

Why infants? Infant baptism communicates that even while we are babies God is pursuing a relationship with us. He loves us before we are even able to respond to Him and acknowledge Him.

We believe that parents are the primary spiritual influencers of their children. When parents bring their children for baptism, they are affirming their faith in Christ and publicly committing to raise their children in the Christian faith. The baptism isn’t about the child’s salvation or a rubber stamp to get right with God. Children eventually need to respond to God by making the decision to follow Him on their own. By baptizing one’s child, a parent commits to nurture an environment where Christ can be received.

Infant baptism also includes a commitment from the congregation to support and help parents raise and nurture children in the knowledge of Christ our Savior. 

Please plan your baptism ahead of time, as our numbers at each service are limited and can easily fill up. Contact: Tammy Mitchell

Kids and Adults

CPC would love to celebrate baptism with any older child, teen, or adult who publicly professes faith in Jesus Christ! Believer’s baptism is a sacrament that publicly signifies our union with Jesus Christ and declares our membership in God’s family, the Church. 

For individuals and families who choose to not practice infant baptism, many believer baptisms are done after completion of CPC’s membership process or Commitment Class for 9th graders who have not previously been baptized.

Contact: James Madsen


CPC On-Site Wedding Guide • CPC Off-Site Wedding Guide

Marriage preparation is intended to provide engaged couples with tools to build a strong relationship for all of the years of their marriage, rather than focusing solely upon the wedding ceremony. Engaged couples should ideally plan on 9 months, and no less than 6 months, for their wedding preparation to be completed.

Requirements for Weddings at CPC
  • Membership at Christ Presbyterian Church. Either the bride, groom, or a parent/grandparent of the bride or groom must be a CPC member. If not, the bride and groom must go through the membership process. ContactCathy Wood
  • An initial meeting with the CPC pastor who will perform your ceremony.
  • Professional pre-marriage counseling (approximately $400).
  • A Marriage Mentors evening where you will meet other engaged couples and be paired with a mentor couple who will commit to upholding your marriage in prayer.
  • A Premarital Finance Seminar ($15) where you will explore the role of money and financial planning within the context of Christian marriage.
  • Meeting with a Wedding Coordinator to plan the logistics of your rehearsal and ceremony.
  • Meeting with musicians to plan your music.
General Information About the Use of the Church

Sanctuary: seating for approximately 1,000 people (180 during the COVID-19 pandemic)
Chapel: seating for up to 100 guests (not available during the COVID-10 pandemic)

  • The marriage ceremony is a sacred worship service, which should be approached with reverence. Please keep this in mind as you make your plans.
  • Please note that your selected date may not be available. Weddings are generally not scheduled in the Sanctuary on holiday weekends, the month of December, Holy Week, or Children’s Musical (March) or Commitment Class (May) weekends.
  • You should advise the pastor if you are requesting participation by another minister.
  • Your wedding date will not be finalized on the church scheduling calendar until you have confirmed the date and time with the pastor at your initial meeting.

Contact: Care & Life Events Manager

Memorial Services

We host memorial services to remember and celebrate the life of a loved one. It is not necessary to be a member to have a service at CPC. Scheduling a funeral or memorial service is always subject to the availability of our facilities as well as the availability of our staff and volunteers.

The First Step: Please call Sarah Norton, Care & Life Events Manager (952.920.8515 x302), upon the death of a family member or loved one. If you get CPC’s after-hours recording, please do not hesitate to call the emergency pastoral pager (877.311.7678). A pastor will call you back as soon as he/she is able.

Next Steps

If the service is held at CPC, the Care & Life Events Manager will coordinate the availability of the Sanctuary and other rooms for the service. We can also provide you with a basic service outline, appropriate hymns, and suggested music and biblical references.


A reservation for a funeral or memorial service includes:
A quiet place for the family to meet for up to one hour prior to the service
Use of the Sanctuary for up to two hours for the service

Livestreaming is available so families and friends can join the service from their own homes. There is an additional fee for this service.

Contact: Sarah Norton 

Memorial Prayer Garden

The Memorial Prayer Garden, located south of the Sanctuary, provides a sacred resting place for members of our church family. Its paths, benches, fountain, and landscapes encourage peaceful meditation, prayer, and thanksgiving for the promise of eternal life.

Options for Church Members & Immediate Family

Columbarium Inurnment:
Ashes are placed in urns and kept within the niches of the garden columbaria. An engraving on the granite front is included.

Scattering Interment:
Ashes are scattered directly into the surface soils of the Garden within the designated Scattering Garden. An engraving can then be made on the Memorial Wall.

Memorial Wall Engraving:
A means to remember those interred elsewhere.

Funerals and Burial:
A religious service conducted by a clergy member is held at each inurnment or scattering.


Inurnment in the columbarium ranges from $2,000-$2,500, and includes the choice of inurnment space, engraving on the niche, opening and closing of the niche, and perpetual care under the direction of CPC’s Session. A different fee is charged for burial in the Scattering Garden or for engravings on the Memorial Wall.

To obtain a purchase application, contact Sarah Norton, Care & Life Events Manager, at the 952.920.8515 x302.