Lenten Issue

Does it ever feel like there just isn’t enough space in your life for all the things . . . much less for Jesus? Our lives are so often filled to the brim—with people we love, things we have to do, stuff we think we need—that it can feel like we’re buried under a pile of obligations, commitments, routines, and busyness.

This Lent, what would it look like to think about fasting as a way to make space for Jesus and what He wants to teach us? To make space to receive God’s mercy and grace, and then respond to what He calls us to do? Not to add another burden or another “have to,” but simply to make space for God to work in our lives and to soak up the transforming reality that Christ did the only thing that really matters for us—restoring us to relationship with God through His death and resurrection. How can you make space?

In this issue of CPC Life, we share perspectives on stories of Jesus found in the gospel of John, which will be preached on during Lent. Scroll down to view or download complete issues of CPC Life, or to read the reflections from this issue. 


Making Space . . .