May Issue

Everything looks different these days. Restaurants and schools are closed. Events are postponed, canceled, or modified. We wear masks to the grocery store and wave to our family and friends through screen doors. But church is not canceled. The Church has never been a building, or even about people gathering inside a building. The Church is the body of Christ—you and all believers—at CPC, in Minnesota, and around the world. During this season our community is finding new ways to be the church, wherever we are.

In this issue of CPC Life, we share the story of a CPC couple who got married in the midst of this pandemic, an article from Pastor Melissa on "Caring for Your Spirit," and ideas from Pastor Emily on serving through "Small Things + Great Love." Pastor Ron shares encouraging words with you for this season and Pastor Petey introduces our new sermon series (starting May 10) on the Holy Spirit.  Scroll down to view or download complete issues of CPC Life, or to read the stories and articles from this issue.