At The Table, we find our Scriptural home in the story of the Last Supper, where we see all the elements that lead to a transformed life:

Inclusivity: There are no prerequisites to belonging. First we belong, then we’re formed into a believing body.
Community: We weren’t made to do life alone. We are forming and being formed in the ways of Jesus—together.
Honesty: Life is never simple. We embrace its complexities and live transparently.
Practice: Our spiritual lives aren’t isolated from how we live. Faith is a holistic endeavor, integrated into every part of our lives.

Worship Rhythms

As a unique expression of CPC, The Table is a multi-generational community that meets on Sunday nights at 5:00PM.

Communion: We celebrate the Eucharist every week. It is at the Communion table that reconciliation occurs—where we remember that God has brought us into right relationship with Him and each other through Jesus Christ. All are welcome at this table. Community members serve the elements and remind you that Christ’s body was broken for you, and His blood was shed for you. Gluten-free elements are served in the center aisle.

Reflection: The Sanctuary is darkened to foster an environment of meditation. Reflect in prayer or reflect on Scripture and how God is speaking to you through it.

Prayer: Members of our Prayer Team are available in the front corners of the Sanctuary to pray with you and for you. We also make space for you to pray at three kneeler stations. Light a candle and/or write out your requests on the pink prayer cards. These are shared with our Prayer Team and lifted up during the week.

Narrative Lectionary

The Narrative Lectionary is a pattern of studying the stories of Scripture in three seasons: The Old Testament, The Life of Jesus, and The Early Church. Jump in at any point in the year to hear the story of God’s love for His people. By the end of the year, we can look back and see the arc of creation-fall-redemption that God is telling over and over again.

Follow along with the weekly readings.

Kids' Table

Everyone has a place at the Kids’ Table! Each week, our leaders offer Bible-based, age-appropriate games, activities, stories, and teaching for kids ages 6 weeks through 6th grade!