GO!Trips are CPC's short-term service and vision trips to see, love, and serve God's people. When we retreat from our everyday lives, we learn more about ourselves and the character of Christ. We practice thinking, praying, listening, and speaking like Jesus, opening our hearts to how God may lead us to engage with our families, workplaces, church, and community.

We partner with local ministries in three global regions that are working to bring hope, reconciliation, and justice through the love of Jesus Christ. Each trip includes pre-field discussion, on-the-ground relationship building, and post-trip processing.

Before registering, please assemble your passport, credit card, frequent flyer, health insurance, and emergency contact information.

Contact: Leslie Boie





Visit the George neighborhood of urban Lusaka. Work alongside local caregivers, worship with Jubilee Centre churches, and learn about the work of this amazing organization.


About Zambia

CPC is committed to long-term partnerships with two distinct communities in Zambia: George and Moyo. The George compound is an urban area near Zambia’s capital of Lusaka. Our partner, Jubilee Centre, works with local churches to care for orphans, child-headed households, and people living with HIV/AIDS, as well as stimulates micro-enterprise. The rural community of Moyo, four hours south of Lusaka, struggles with inadequate healthcare and limited education. We join with our partner there, World Vision, in providing clean water, healthcare, and the first school for 7th grade and beyond.


WORLD VISION (WV)  |  World Vision is a Christian humanitarian organization dedicated to working with children, families, and their communities worldwide to reach their full potential by tackling the causes of poverty and injustice. CPCers engage with WV in two ways: sponsoring kids in Moyo, Zambia or traveling there on WV-sponsored trips to see the transformation there.

JUBILEE CENTRE  |  Jubilee Centre is a Zambian-led, church-based development organization in urban George, an area near Zambia’s capital, Lusaka. Jubilee Centre works with local churches to care for orphans, child-headed households, and people living with HIV/AIDS, establish feeding programs for kids with HIV, and bring greater self-sustainability to the region through microfinance projects. CPCers engage with Jubilee Centre through yearly GO!Trips to Lusaka.

Central America



John Crosby co-leads this trip with Lori Olson of Opportunity International Nicaragua, a nonprofit Christian organization linking the most promising community economic development strategies with microcredit strategies to elevate the poor out of poverty. OI programs holistically address a broad range of issues: economic, social, and spiritual. Travel to rural areas outside of Granada to meet local entrepreneurs, farmers, and community leaders. Learn about and see the results of micro-loans and community economic development. Visit individual businesses and hear stories of holistic transformation. Build relationships with Nicaraguan partners. Open to ages 13+ (must be accompanied by an adult). Cost: $1600* (plus airfare, incidentals, and insurance)


*Costs subject to change.

About Nicaragua

CPC has partnered with Opportunity International (OI) since 1995, currently working in the Granada, Nicaragua area. OI programs focus on agriculture, community leadership, education, and artisan support, such as the women’s basket weaving cooperative. OI empowers Nicaraguans to break the cycle of poverty by providing financial education, skills training, and loans—and helps fuel their desire to build better futures for themselves and their children. Over the past two years, CPCers have traveled to rural areas outside of Granada to meet local entrepreneurs, farmers, and community leaders; learn about the results of micro-loans and community economic development; visit individual businesses to hear stories of holistic transformation; and build relationships with Nicaraguan partners. As your representatives, these travelers have experienced how poverty robs people of their dignity and dreams and witnessed the transformation and hope that OI brings to the individuals and the communities served.

Middle East


ISRAEL/PALESTINE  •  April 23-May 2

Visit the Holy Land this spring on a trip led by Tim Gibson. Our hosts will be Yohanna & Dina Katanacho, our good friends and CPC’s Global Scholars-in-Residence last summer. We are excited to continue our partnership with the Katanachos and their ministries. We believe this will be an inspiring, eye-opening pilgrimage that will deepen your faith and your understanding of the challenges facing our Christian friends in the Middle East. This journey takes the position of pro-Israel, pro-Palestine, pro-peace.


ISRAEL/PALESTINE  •  October 17-27

This trip, led by Todd Deatherage, Executive Director and co-founder of the Telos Group, is designed to help you better understand the issues surrounding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict by learning about the unique role of people committed to fostering peace in the region. We will meet people representing all sides of the conflict and listening to their stories of struggle and hope. This journey takes the position of pro-Israel, pro-Palestine, pro-peace.


About Israel + Palestine

In answering God’s call to be reconcilers, CPC is committed to bringing peace and hope within the divisive culture of the Middle East. CPC is exploring partnerships in Israel and Palestine to be an agent of reconciliation by working alongside the Christian Church in that region.


TELOS GROUP  |  Telos strengthens the capacity of American faith communities to help positively transform the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The vision of Telos is security, freedom, and dignity for every human being in the Holy Land. CPCers travel to the Holy Land to hear from Israelis, Palestinians, Christians, and Muslims and see beyond the dichotomies that are so prevalent in faceless news stories. We seek to be guided by a framework that is genuinely pro-Israeli, pro-Palestinian, pro-peace.

THE GLOBAL IMMERSION PROJECT (TGIP)  |  TGIP promotes reintegrating peacemaking into the human vocation through immersive learning labs, one-day intensives, regional cohorts, and trips to Israel/Palestine to practice the four tenets of peacemaking:

  • see the image of God in all people,
  • immerse into conflict with humility,
  • contend with the status quo, and
  • restore former enemies into community.