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Moms of Teens

Feel empowered, supported, and connected to other moms of adolescents, teens, and young adults.

Contact: Colette Prohofsky
at 952.920.8714;

Thursdays monthly resuming October 22 from 9:15-11:30AM in the Fellowship Hall

Moms of Teens doesn't meet during the summer. When we resume this fall, join us whenever you can for sessions with guest speakers on hot topics affecting our teens. Learn, laugh, and be filled up. Cost: $5 per session with at-the-door registration.

Thursdays twice monthly from 9:30-11:00AM in Rooms 200, 201, and 202

Receive more in-depth support, study, and discussion, and study a Christian teen parenting book. Contact: Colette Prohofsky at 952.920.8714;

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April 16  |  Lee Blum  |  Teach Your Children to Love Their Bodies
Lee will share insight and hope into parenting our children to love their bodies, recognizing eating disorders as well as address the difficult topic of dealing with anxiety, depression, and cutting in teens. She will offer practical tools as well as inspiration for you to feel equipped to address these difficult issues in your children or yourself.
Lee Wolfe Blum is the bestselling author of Table in The Darkness: a Healing Journey Through an Eating Disorder. Lee was once an aspiring actress hoping to make it to Broadway, but many twists and turns led her down a different path—now she walks through the trenches with patients as a health educator at the Melrose Center for Eating Disorders in St. Louis Park, Minnesota. Lee also works on the Eating Disorder Chemical Dependency team (ED/CD) helping those who struggle with the dual diagnosis of ED and CD find hope and freedom. Lee also speaks frequently all over the United States. Her website is and Twitter: @BlumLee.

March 19  |  Brad Dewing  |  Christianity on Campus: Possibilities and Pitfalls
Many Christian young adults choose secular university to prepare for their lives and vocations. During this time, some flourish in their faith but tragically, the majority actually abandon their Christian faith. Why does this happen? What's the difference for those who grow as Christians while studying at the university? From his experience on the University of Minnesota campus, Brad helps us understand how we can prepare and encourage young people heading off to college to make the most of their experience and education while growing deeper in their relationship with Jesus Christ.
Brad Dewing has a BA in Pastoral Leadership from Crossroads College, Rochester, MN, and an M.Div. from Emmanuel Christian Seminary, Johnson City, TN. Brad served on the staff of Christian Student Fellowship and MacLaurinCSF from 2003-2013, working with undergraduate students at the University of Minnesota. Before coming to the University, Brad was on Staff at Venture Christian Church in Brooklyn Park, Church at the Crossroads in Andover, and Worthington Christian Church in Worthington, MN. His study and teaching interests include spiritual formation, the Kingdom of God, and New Testament ecclesiology. Brad and his wife Nancy have 4 kids: Maddie, Ben, Ethan, and André. They live in New Brighton with their dog Buddy. Brad enjoys sports, the outdoors, music, cooking and eating food, good conversations, and sharing all of these with family and friends.

February 19  |  Tom Cardle  |  How NOT to be Your Teen’s Bottomless ATM
Tom discusses how to educate our teens on money management, including modeling good financial stewardship, utilizing allowances, and launching young adults ready to start out with less.
Tom Cardle has been a private banker for 28 years and is currently a VP with Signature Banks. He grew up at CPC and graduated from Whitworth University in Spokane, WA. Tom and his wife Anne have 2 adult children, Laura and Tommy. The Cardles are members of Wooddale Church where Tom has taught numerous financial classes over 20 years. He teaches Money and Finances in Marriage as part of Wooddale’s Premarital Class, and recently had his daughter and future son-in-law as students! He has taught at Moms of Teens at Wooddale, MOPS, and other venues to encourage and enforce biblical stewardship principals. Tom has also helped many individuals who need financial assistance beyond the counseling capabilities of the Wooddale staff. He helps with budgeting, banking, debt consolidation, negotiating with creditors, or simply offering an honest, biblical perspective on financial situations both positive and challenged.

January 15  |  Todd Mulliken  |  Fight or Flight? Understanding Emotions: Ours and Our Teens'!
Todd will discuss the biological and environmental roots of human emotions. He will give us specific tools to help us understand and manage our emotions versus having our emotions (or our teen’s emotions) manage us! Todd will also address how to help our children deal with crises and loss in their lives.
Todd Mulliken, MS, LPCC is the owner of Mulliken Counseling Center in Edina and has over 25 years of clinical experience. He has written three books on relationships and speaks at a variety of venues on a range of mental health issues. Todd and his wife Laura have been married for 26 years, have three adult daughters and are members of CPC.

December 18  |  Heather Flies and Micah Hegerle  |  Teens and Technology: Putting Your Best Foot Forward
Heather and Micah spend the majority of their daily hours with teenagers. They are on Facebook, Instagram, Kik, Twitter, and more in an attempt to understand and influence teenagers' social media worlds for good. Micah and Heather give reasons behind a teenager's obsession with social media and practical advice on what you can do to also 
influence for good. Heather and Micah discuss new platforms and advise moms on how to guide their teens’ electronic interactions.
Heather is the Junior High Pastor at Wooddale Church in Eden Prairie where she has been ministering since 1996. She holds a Bachelors in Communication from Bethel University in St. Paul and a Master of Arts in Theological Studies from Bethel Seminary. In addition to her work with students at her church, she spends a great deal of time as a youth communicator at schools, camps and retreats. Heather and her husband Chad were married in 2001. Heather loves football, NASCAR, the color orange, country music, and nail polish. She is full of life and love for Jesus and His kids!
Micah Hegerle is a graduate of the University of Minnesota where he competed for the Gophers on the Track and Field team in the hammer throw. He is currently a student at Bethel Seminary pursuing a Masters in Ministry Practices. Micah lives in Eden Prairie and enjoys hanging out with students and supporting them in their sports and activities. He began working in the Wooddale Junior High Ministry the fall of 2011 on the volunteer staff and is now Junior High Program Assistant. His favorite thing about being around junior high students is their ability to be fun, crazy, and excited while also having the ability to be serious and have deep, meaningful conversations.

November 20  |  Andy Swanda  | 
Joining in the Journey: Walking with Your Teen in Life and Faith
Parenting is a difficult task, but it's arguably the most rewarding task imaginable. As a parent, you have a front-row seat to the miracle of a young person's development, from infancy to adulthood. However, in our fast-paced and high-pressure culture, the spiritual development of our children can be easily neglected in the pursuit of academic excellence, athletic success, and social recognition. You don't have to be a pastor to develop your children spiritually, and it doesn't need to be a burdensome effort. Come join the conversation of how you can richly walk alongside your child in both life and faith during their teenage years. It's an amazing journey.
Andy Swanda has worked with teenagers for over 16 years, having worked both as a small church youth pastor and a metro director for Young Life. Andy currently serves as the VP of Outreach and Community Engagement at TreeHouse, which serves over 1,750 at-risk teens annually in the Twin Cities. However, he and his wife Ashley are best known for having two sets of boy/girl twins, ages 12 and 10! Andy is often seen on the sideline of Edina Soccer Club games for his children's four teams, and loves spending free time at Starbucks with his Kindle.

October 23  |  Abby Ludvigson  |  Turning the Tide of our Sexualized Youth Culture
Our children are in a battle for their hearts–not for their behavior! This battle is extremely critical because whatever controls the heart directs the life. Learn more about the current state of our youth culture, your role in turning the tide, and practical steps to building a biblical worldview on sexuality into the hearts of your children.
Abby Ludvigson received her B.A. in Elementary Education and served as a public school teacher for two years. After teaching, she worked as the Director of Education for the Minnesota Family Council. All the while, her true passion has been equipping teens to live counter-cultural lives. At the age of twelve, Abby attended a True Love Waits event and pledged to save all sexual activity for marriage. Currently 34 years old and single, she remains committed to that pledge. With a unique testimony and conviction for purity, Abby has been speaking on this topic for over a decade. She developed a 7th-12th grade purity curriculum for private schools, and recently completed a film series for parents called Sex by Design. In 2011, Abby went into full time ministry with The Navigators. Under their organizational structure, she runs the ministry Abstinence Advantage: Empowering Young People to Save Sex for Marriage.

September 18  |  Dr. Tim Johanson  |  Parenting Toward Life-Readiness
Dr. Tim Johanson gives new and valuable insights into the process of how kids mature through their experiences of life, what he calls the "checklist to adulthood." Receive new ways of thinking about how a parent's love must evolve as their child grows, how learning and anti-learning affect the maturation process, the importance of teaching the nature of life to our children, and the difference between fun and joy. Join other moms to unpack these and many other things to understand how to raise life-ready kids.
Dr. Johanson is a board-certified pediatrician in the greater Minneapolis area and co-author of GIST The Essence of Raising Life-Ready Kids. He graduated from the University of MN School of Medicine and completed his pediatric residency training at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. He is actively involved in teaching residents and medical students and has been awarded the Community Pediatrics Teacher of the Year award from the University of MN School of Medicine Department of Pediatrics. He has been the recipient of "Best Doctor" award from the Minneapolis-St. Paul Magazine, a yearly peer-voted honor. His passion for parenting drives his desire to help parents struggling with highly spirited and challenging children. His clinical practice focuses on kids with behavioral challenges. He enjoys golfing, gourmet cooking, and public speaking on topics including ADD/ADHD, technology, depression and anxiety, and most of all, parenting.