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CPC + Zambia  |  CPC is committed to long-term partnerships with two distinct communities in Zambia: George and Moyo. The George compound is an urban area near Zambia’s capital of Lusaka. Our partner, Jubilee Centre, works with local churches to care for orphans, child-headed households, and people living with HIV/AIDS, as well as stimulates micro-enterprise. The rural community of Moyo, four hours south of Lusaka, struggles with inadequate healthcare and limited education. We join with our partner there, World Vision, in providing clean water, healthcare, and the first school for 7th grade and beyond.





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February 2012 update for Moyo ADP-Ndondi High School

Read A Special Update from Moyo ADP Zambia

Naoh Hanjapa looked around the lush green and wild surroundings, the grounds on which the much anticipated Ndondi High School is taking shape.

Noah is the chairman of the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) and speaking for other parents expresses his excitement that this long held dream that this part of Moyo ADP will soon have its very own high school. “We really appreciate what World Vision is doing here,” he said. Noah goes on to explain that the construction is making progress, but the school is yet to be certified by the government. “As a temporary measure, high school students that are enrolled at this school are using the classrooms and boarding facilities at Ndondi Basic School, but these are in a very poor state.” Ndondi Basic School can be seen from the site of the new school. It is there in the broken down classrooms and dormitories that High School students are learning from.

Under the Zambian education system, a basic school covers primary school or first grade through to seven, plus two junior high school grades — eighth and ninth grade. The challenge for the students at Ndondi Basic School and other surrounding basic schools is that once they sit for the ninth grade national examination, there is no nearby high school for them to complete senior high school — grades ten through to 12. The nearest high school available now is Pemba High School. It took roughly forty minutes of driving in a World Vision four by four vehicle to get from Pemba High School to Ndondi Basic School, which means for students to cover this distance on foot could take anything from two to three hours.

This is why Ndondi High School is so important for parents like Noah, who hope that once complete, their children will not have to walk to Pemba but will be able to continue their education in a newly constructed high school. World Vision Zambia and its partners have completed phase one of the ambitious project, and this is the construction of a two-classroom science laboratory building. Angela Kalambo, Moyo ADP manager, explains why the project begun with the construction of the labs: “Under our education system, the government can only certify a high school if it has science laboratories. So we felt we needed to start with the labs so that the school gets recognized as a high school in the making, and in this way, students will be able to sit for national exams from here and not have to travel to Pemba as it is now.”

With the completion of the science labs, Moyo ADP is looking forward to beginning the second phase of the school construction, which is construction of five houses for teachers and five Ventilation Improved Pit Latrines. Angela explains why this is the next target: “The high school teachers are currently housed in classrooms at the basic school, so we feel that to retain them, we need to quickly move forward and provide housing for them. We know that all infrastructures for the school are urgent, but we have to try and priorities what needs to be done first, second, and so forth. We look forward to the time when the whole school will be completed and in the long run this will include classrooms and dormitories.”

105 students have just been enrolled into grade ten and are looking forward to using the science lab. One of the students, Mwiinga Mooya, said she and her classmates who have just begun their grade ten class were thankful to World Vision for improving the quality of their education. The labs will be ready for use once certified as meeting the standards of the ministry of education, which the ADP expects would be done before the end of February.




  • The care providers serving orphans, vulnerable children, and HIV patients in George.
  • The staff of Jubilee Centre (in George), including Lawrence, Martha, and Agnes.
  • School and wells under construction in Moyo.
  • The staff of World Vision (in Moyo), including Angela, Potipher, John, and Brenda.

The rural community of Moyo struggles with inadequate healthcare and limited education. There are no high schools in Moyo, so CPC is partnering with World Vision to help provide educational opportunities for children beyond the 7th grade. If you are interested in sponsoring a child in Moyo through World Vision, click here.

In urban George, CPC will partner with the Zambian-led, church-based development organization, Jubilee Centre, to help produce income-generating grants for families.

Help us in Growing Hope for Zambia. To donate, please make your check out to CPC and include “Zambia” in the memo line.

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