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GO!Trips are CPC's short-term service and vision trips to see, love, and serve God's people. When we retreat from our everyday lives to travel and serve God's people, we learn more about ourselves, our partners, and the character of Christ. We practice thinking, praying, listening, and speaking like Jesus, thereby opening our hearts to hear how God may lead us upon return to engage with our families, workplaces, church, and community. At CPC, we believe that serving in relationship with our partners brings us closer to Christ and to people experiencing poverty, injustice, and oppression.

Contact: Leslie Boie at 952.920.8515 x274;

Before registering, please assemble all relevant information, including passport, credit card, frequent flyer, health insurance, and emergency contact. Thank you.






with Habitat for Humanity
June 13-21*

Join CPC’s trip to San Rafael Del Surto to build homes for families in need of safe, decent housing. Learn about community initiatives of leadership, health, income generation, education and housing. Build relationships with the people of Nicaragua. Cost: $1400 (+ airfare ~$750). Ages 16+.

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with Opportunity International
June 21-26*
Join this trip to experience first-hand the mission of our partner, Opportunity International! Travel to rural areas outside of Granada to meet local entrepreneurs, farmers and community leaders. Learn about and see the results of micro-loans and community economic development. Visit individual businesses and hear stories of holistic transformation. Build relationships with our Nicaraguan partners and enjoy scenic Granada! Cost: $1600
(+ airfare ~$750). Ages 13+.

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with Youthworks
July 30-August 2*
Learn, work, worship, play, explore, and create as a family! Designed for kids in 3rd through 8th grades, but all ages welcome. Cost: $129/family member (kids under 3 are free). Includes room and aboard and service activities; transportation not included. Contact: Tammy Mitchell at 952.920.8515 x216;
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with Jubilee Centre and Global Leadership Summit
November 3-14*
Join CPC’s trip to Zambia! Build relationships and serve in Lusaka with our urban partner Jubilee Centre. Visit the neighborhood of George in the heart of the city. Attend the Willow Creek Leadership Summit broadcast in Lusaka. Experience the beauty of Africa through a short safari extension!
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with World Vision
November 7-16*
The purpose of this trip is to walk along-side the community of Moyo with our long-time CPC partner, World Vision. We will go there as learners, listeners and with servant hearts, open to what God has prepared for us. We will also arrange a personal visit with your CPC sponsored child(ren) and visit many community sites including CPC sponsored projects, such as Ndondi high school, our clean water initiatives and the exciting new health center!  Experience the beauty of Africa through a short safari extension.

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with Telos Group
December 12-19*
Learn about the unique role of groups like Telos in fostering peace in the region. Visit Christian Pilgrimage towns and sites such as Bethlehem, the Mount of Olives, Jerusalem, the Wailing Wall. Meet the people and hear their stories of struggle and hope. Learn about barriers and avenues to justice and peace while building relationships with Israelis and Palestinians.
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with Congo Initiative and Bilingual Christian University (UCBC)
January 2016

*All dates and prices are tentative and subject to change.