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GO! Trips are CPC's short-term service and vision trips to see, love, and serve God's people. When we retreat from our everyday lives to travel and serve God's people, we learn more about ourselves, our partners, and the character of Christ. We practice thinking, praying, listening, and speaking like Jesus, thereby opening our hearts to hear how God may lead us upon return to engage with our families, workplaces, church, and community. At CPC, we believe that serving in relationship with our partners brings us closer to Christ and to people experiencing poverty, injustice, and oppression.

Contact: Leslie Boie at 952.920.8515 x274;

Before registering, please assemble all relevant information, including passport, credit card, frequent flyer, health insurance, and emergency contact. Thank you.






with Jubilee Centre and the Willow Creek Leadership Summit
October 24-November 5*

Come see how God is using local Zambian churches to transform an urban community.  Through the work of the Jubilee Centre, we will participate in walking alongside pastors, lay leaders and youth, as they serve as the hands and feet of Christ in the impoverished community of Lusaka, Zambia. We will worship with the Jubilee Centre churches and join local pastors to attend the Willow Creek Leadership Summit broadcast in Lusaka.

with World Vision and Sponsor Child Visits
Tentative: May 2015*

Sample Moyo Itinerary.

Travel to Zambia this fall to see firsthand the progress of our clean water initiatives, visit CPC sponsored projects, and meet your World Vision sponsored child(ren) in person. You will be immersed in a world very different than our own to experience the hospitality and hope of the Moyo community. Your faith will be enriched and strengthened through this very special opportunity.  Register by February 15. Contact: Leslie Boie at 952.920.8515 x274;

*All dates and prices are tentative and subject to change.

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Read our 2013 GO! Trips brochure. 2014 trips coming soon!