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GO!Trips are CPC's short-term service and vision trips to see, love, and serve God's people. When we retreat from our everyday lives to travel and serve God's people, we learn more about ourselves, our partners, and the character of Christ. We practice thinking, praying, listening, and speaking like Jesus, thereby opening our hearts to hear how God may lead us upon return to engage with our families, workplaces, church, and community. At CPC, we believe that serving in relationship with our partners brings us closer to Christ and to people experiencing poverty, injustice, and oppression.

Contact: Leslie Boie at 952.920.8515 x274;

Before registering, please assemble all relevant information, including passport, credit card, frequent flyer, health insurance, and emergency contact. Thank you.







with Jubilee Centre and World Vision

November 3-15*

Come see how God is using local Zambian churches to transform an urban community.  Through the work of the Jubilee Centre, we will participate in walking alongside pastors, leaders and youth, as they serve as the hands and feet of Christ in the impoverished community of Lusaka. We’ll attend a broadcast of Global Leadership Summit with local pastors and lay leaders.  Next, we’ll travel to Choma, near Moyo, with our long-time CPC partner, World Vision. We will go there as learners, listeners and with servant hearts, open to what God has prepared for us. We’ll visit CPC-sponsored projects, which may include Ndondi high school, clean water and sanitization initiatives and the new Health Center–the first of its kind in the area. We will also arrange a personal visit with your CPC sponsored child(ren)! Read the trip description.

with Congo Initiative and Bilingual Christian University (UCBC)
January 4-17, 2016

This trip is led by Bethany Hoang from our partner International Justice Mission. Bethany leads the IJM Institute, engages Christian leaders around the world, and regularly speaks and writes on IJM’s behalf. Her first book, Deepening the Soul for Justice, introduces the critical connection between how spiritual formation can fuel our response to God's call to justice—from the inside out. You will discover spiritual disciplines as a justice-seeker and renew and invigorate your own justice journey.

On this journey, you’ll be hosted by the Congo Initiative, another CPC Mission Partner, and work alongside faculty and students from the distinctive Christian Bilingual University of Congo (UCBC), an institution of higher learning that intentionally integrates academics, work and service-learning, rooted in Christian ethics. UCBC students are trained to think critically and to problem-solve. Most importantly, their education equips them to be agents of change in their communities, leaders who actively seek restoration and renewal for their nation in whatever professional capacity they engage. The motto of UCBC is “being transformed to transform.”

with The Global Immersion Project
February 28-March 6
The Table's trip with the Global Immersion Project is designed to help better understand the issues of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. We’ll begin our journey here at home on December 1 with an eight-week online learning lab, followed by seven days on the ground in Israel/Palestine during our February trip. Ten months of coaching after the trip will help you integrate your learnings into your local context as an Everyday Peacemaker.

Israel/Palestine is a place of great interest where history unfolded and where, today, it continues to unfold. It is a place of hope and expectation as well as of injustice and pain for Jews, Christians, and Muslims worldwide. It is the place where an ancient conflict plays out in contemporary times: the conflict between Abraham’s children. In this Learning Lab, we find ourselves in the middle of injustice, pain, collective suffering, celebration, hope, and reconciliation as we learn from & with Jews and Palestinian Christians & Muslims who are actively pursuing peace.

with Telos Group
March 2-12
John and Laura Crosby leads this trip to learn about the unique role of groups like Telos in fostering peace in the region. Visit Christian Pilgrimage towns and sites such as Bethlehem, the Mount of Olives, Jerusalem, the Wailing Wall. Meet the people and hear their stories of struggle and hope. Learn about barriers and avenues to justice and peace while building relationships with Israelis and Palestinians.

with High School Ministries
March 28-April 3
In Catadupa, the group will be staying at the Catadupa Fellowship Church.  There are two rooms for the men, one for the ladies. Everyone will be sleeping on the floor, so be sure to bring single size air mattresses and air pumps. Electrical outlets are available, but limited. Bathrooms are outhouse style and will be shared by all. There are outdoor showers run with PVC pipe and/or people can bathe in the local spring as many Jamaicans do; this is the best and most exhilarating option.  Bathing suits are a must at this location.Local cooks will prepare the meals with Caribbean flare. The cooks are trained in safely preparing food for American teams—all food, including fruits and vegetables, is safe to eat. Most dinner dishes will consist of rice and chicken, although lamb and pork are special exceptions. Everyone needs to come open and ready to experience local food because there is no American food in Jamaica. Bottled drinking water is also provided and everyone needs to bring his or her own water bottle.Your trip also includes a day-off. Groups will enjoy swimming, relaxing and finishing the day with dinner at a local Jamaican restaurant.

*All dates and prices are tentative and subject to change.