The Plunge

When: March 25 at 9:00AM - 12:00PM
Where: 2210 Oliver Ave N, Minneapolis, MN 55411
Contact:  Eli Mansfield

The Plunge is a series of experiential learning opportunities for deeper missional engagement with local ministry partners. Our primary goal is building our cultural competency. Each event is intended to build upon the others, but you are welcome even if you missed the first event.

  • March 25, partnering with Urban Homeworks

    In this rapidly-changing cross-cultural world, what if the Golden Rule isn’t enough? How culturally aware are you as a citizen, neighbor, Christian? Take the Intercultural Development Inventory with Urban Homeworks staff and other CPCers, find your cross-cultural acumen, and discuss your findings. Discover your framework and filters and use this practical knowledge in your everyday life: at work, in your community, in your relationship with Jesus, in your relationships with friends and family.

  • May 20, partnering with Urban Ventures

    After being equipped through the first two Plunge events, we’ll serve side-by-side with Urban Ventures at their 3rd Annual Community Day on the Greenway. Work in the gardens, learn some new Latin dance moves, and serve sustainable food samples to UV kids and families.