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The Mess is Part of Our Mission

Construction season has begun at CPC! We'll post photos, project details, and timeline updates as they become available. There are three components to this work:

    • renovations to 40% of our existing footprint
    • the Commons, a new gathering space that links the Great Room to our classrooms (plus new Welcome Center and Family Check-In)
    • an expanded Fireside Room for mid-size worship and event gatherings


What to Know Now
  • Weekend and Wednesday night programming has resumed!
  • Renovation is complete on the following rooms, which are now in use:
    • Rooms 303-306; Rooms 204-208; Room 116
    • Nursery/Toddler Rooms (112-113)
    • MPR and Great Room restrooms
    • balcony rooms
    • new Fireside Room (old Room 107)
  • The following rooms are currently closed:
    • Pathway Books original space (see their temporary space in the Great Room!)
    • old Fireside Room


Current Construction Work
  • Laying footings for the exterior Commons patio 
  • Building a new stairwell
  • Prep work for the new basement
  • Completion of new office spaces on 3rd floor